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Queue Management System

  • Queue Management System
  • Queue Management System

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The most efficient banking queue management systems and solutions in Nepal, helping you manage the excess customer flow in organised method. The Line management system comes with multiple kiosk options to fit your custom need like touch kiosks, floor type, wall hanging etc. Raj Trading Concern in Nepal is the largest suppliers and supports of QMS (queue managemnt system). With our large service management system all over Nepal feel troble free to use the product in every location.


Queue manangement Systems are also used in hospitals, government offices, financial instututions etc. etc. Now, manage any sort of public lines easily without any hassel with the new queue management systems from Raj Tarding Concern available all over Nepal backed up with the support you need.


The Waiting line management system is also very applicable for electronics service centers and with us have the experience of a completely hassel free wireless system.


Go Wireless.

Product Features

17″ Touch Screen Ticket Kiosk



Net Weight:30KG


l Cold Steel stand cabinet

l 17” SAMSUNG TFT LCD Display

l 17” SAW Touch Screen

l EPSON 80 mm Thermal printer with auto cutter

l Embedded computer

Intel Atom 1.6G processor

2G DDR2 Memory Card;

16G Solid disk4 USB Port;2*RS232 port

Inbuilt speaker and amplifier

OS:WINDOWS XP/7 supported

Ethernet Port:10/100 Ethernet port RJ45

l Support 1-32 Services,1-64 Counters

l Any language can support,

Inbuilt Wireless Module and Communication Controller


2.19-Key wireless Keypad QYK19


Net Weight:0.26K


*19-key wireless multiple function keypad; 6 digits LCD display; four digits display service numbers,two shows waiting people, 220V power supply can be directly connected

*Function: ”Call” Recall” “Transfer” “Special Call” and so on


3.Wireless LED display(Aluminum)


Net weight:1.2KG


F3.75 single color ;8 Digits bright light tube ;4 Character LED Display:4 digits display ticket number, with window screen available(Ticket Number→Counter Number) ,12V DC connected


4.Main LED Display Screen (wireless)-Optional


Dimension: 67*53*7(cm)

Net Weight:3KG


*F5.0 indoor RED color LED display,4 Rows Display and 10 digit in each row

Content can be customized by customer ′s needs

*Wireless one

*Can put on the Waiting Area for indicate customer


5.Multimedia and Information Player Box-Optional


Net weight: 3KG


*Video output: at least can support the image with the resolution of 1024 × 768 / 75 Hz ; Inbuilt Software

*Supported video formats: MPEG-1,MPEG-2 MP@HL,MPEG-4 ASP@L5,etc

*Image formats supported:JPG, BMP, static GIF, and provides a 10 / 100 M adaptive fast Ethernet interface

*storage media: standard 4G memory card;


6.Queue System Software BEM-Q2016S

Queue Management System software: control and manage the queues, can realize the function of Multiple language calling and Multiple language translation, Nepali language, English, etc also supported,and can realize the report statistic function


Interface and language and ticket format can be customized, and you can add logo or some other information on the ticket, like time, waiting people, and etc

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