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Price Computing Scales (NEP (PC-N) Series)

  • Price Computing Scales (NEP (PC-N) Series)

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Product Features

  1.  18 digit red bright LED display in table top. Display showing Item No., Unit price, Weight, Total price & Item Name.
  2.  36-key Alphanumeric keyboard.
  3.  24-bit ∑ – Δ ADC (High resolution).
  4.  Data of 500 commodities can be entered using keyboard or can be downloaded from computer.
  5.  Prepacked items can be added in the bill.
  6.  Name and address of the shop owner can be entered using Alphanumeric keyboard or can be downloaded from computer and the same can be printed on bill.
  7.  Can select three different modes for printing: (1) Print the bill directly from weighing scale. (2) Print Barcode of individual Item (Barcode will consist of Item No. & Weight). (3) Transfers the weight data constantly to the computer.
  8.  Type of printer can be selected for Bill Printing Mode.
  9.  Accumulated commodity wise record can be printed.
  10.  Indication for A.C. On, Nett/Gross weight, Battery, Battery low.
  11.  ‘HOLD’ function for locking the display of weight.
  12.  Compatible with HDPOS Smart Software.

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