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MXGT Aurum Si-Pin Gold Testing Machine

  • MXGT Aurum Si-Pin Gold Testing Machine
  • MXGT Aurum Si-Pin Gold Testing Machine
  • MXGT Aurum Si-Pin Gold Testing Machine
  • MXGT Aurum Si-Pin Gold Testing Machine

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MXGT Aurum is an inbuilt version of MXGT Aura. It adds to the convenience of operating the instrument through an Industrial standard touch screen with HD Display. It can be your best choice, if you’re looking for reliable results, Results that are par with Fire assay standards. Its advanced Si Pin Diode detector ensures highly stable performance.

Maxsell guarantees 100% customer satisfaction for samples tested on MXGT Aurum. We have configured it specially to meet typical Nepali condition of Gold jewellery and samples. By detecting all malicious and prohibited (powder) elements like Iridium, Ruthenium, Cadmium, Osmium, etc. MXGT Aurum meets BIS requirement for analyzing Jewellery and samples as per BIS or Hallmark standards. Existing users are highly satisfied with its performance in terms of accuracy, durability and stability. And its aggressive pricing can make the best competitor in the industry run for their money.

Suitable For

  • Hallmark labs
  • Refineries & Assaying Centers
  • Jewellery Showrooms & Manufacturers
  • Testing & Tounch Centers
  • For application which demands certified analysis system

Product Features

  1. Technology: Si-Pin Diode Detector Tube based Detector
  2. Design: Easy sample loading chamber, low profile design for super convenience. Inbuilt Touch Screen operation makes it easy plug and play
  3. Usage: Simply Place Sample & Click Test Icon. Bottom to top X-ray, makes it Quick & Easy sample positioning
  4. Software: Professional Software Yet Simple & Comprehensive. Curves to suit wide array of samples composition which provide excellent control on Quality of results
  5. Results: Accurate & Fast Results for Jewellery or Melt ingot or any form or shape sample can be tested. Get results that can be closest to fire assay
  6. Safety: 100% Safe, Each Instrument is tested with “Inspector USB – Radiation Alert Instrument USA”
  7. Maintenance: Low Maintenance ratio and Cost effective packages available after Warranty
  8. Reports: Get PDF or excel report with complete detail. Customize report software available to suit individual needs

Product Specifications

ANALYSIS ELEMENTS AU AG PT PD RH RU CU ZN NI CD IN OS IR W (from AL to U, around 79 elements)
DETECTOR Si-Pin Diode Detector with Semi conductor cooling
ANALYSIS RANGE 1% – 99.99%
TEST TIME 30 ~ 100 Secs (User selectable)
COLLIMATOR Most optimum size < 2mm
TEST PRECISION 0.1 ~ 0.2% (Accuracy can be influenced by environmental conditions & sample complexity)
INTEGRATED Inbuilt touch screen PC makes it an unbeatable choice. Testing gold samples was never this easy
X-RAY SOURCE Mo Material X-ray light tube with Triple Cooling technology – Oil, Air Cooling & Spl Heat Sink
COATED LAYER MEASUREMENT Coated layer thickness Range less than 30 ┬Ám
COMPUTER Externally connected Both PC / Laptop (Windows 7)
DIMENSION 670 x 400 x 300 mm
TEMP CONTROL Eight fans of the circulatory system, Temperature control system can protect themselves

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