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Maxsell Truscani Automatic Forex Detector

  • Maxsell Truscani Automatic Forex Detector

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Maxsell Truscani is an automatic detector for Forex such as Euro, USD, GBP, HKD, AED, SGD, AUD, BZR, etc. With automatic detection of Euro and USD, the third national currency can be easily selected by the user to detect nearly 8 foreign currencies.With growing circulation of Forex and due to its sophistication in currency, it becomes difficult to validate foreign currency. Truscani can be of excellent support for Cashiers handling Forex on routine work for Nepalese organisation.

Please do Checkout the video for understanding its easy operation procedure

Product Features

  1. Any direction and any side of note can be read, easy to operate
  2. Up to 8 currencies detected at the same time, Euro , US dollar ,British Pound, Russia Ruble, Turkish Lira, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Krona , Switzerland Franc, Chinese RMB, Brazilian real etc.
  3. High accuracy and complex inspection: Quantity and position of magnetic ink ;Infra red ink, spectrum ink, secure thread image printing process etc.
  4. High speed: <0.5second/sheet
  5. List of detected currencies denomination
  6. Rechargeable battery inside for portable usage (optional), provide more than 24 hours standby time
  7. Serial number of bank note can be printed (optional)
  8. Support RS-232 or USB surface to download software
  9. Big LCD display and touch screen control panel to provide human interface

Product Specifications

SPEED 0.5 second/sheet
DETECTION IR (D), MG, MT, Spectrum, Image Process
DIRECTION Insert Any Direction or Orientation
DISPLAY LED (Optional – LCD)
BATTERY CAPACITY Rechargeable lithium battery 10.8 V /600 mAh
INTERFACE USB Upgrade slot via PC
POWER wide voltage 100V-240V, AC/12V, DC adaptor or battery
DIMENSION 220 * 140 * 90 (mm)
NET WEIGHT 2Kg (Incl Battery)
CERTIFICATION CE, RoHS, European Central Bank Tested with 100% Detection

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