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Maxsell MX2000B

  • Maxsell MX2000B

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Useful machine that detects counterfeit money produced without the legal sanction of the state or government. A part from that, it is also used to detect most of the legal documents such as passport, cheque, credit card and other instruments. It is completely based on UV rays and watermark that easily and quickly identify the features of the instruments. 

Product Features

  1. Magnifier glass which multiples the resolution of UV & Watermark to identify any critical instrument also.
  2. Large area to place the currency.
  3. Detects most of the legal instruments including currency – Passport, Cheque, Credit Card & other instruments.
  4. Options of Philips (Holland / Poland) Or Sankyo Denki (Japan) UV is available for long life performance.
  5. Reflectors for increasing the actual resolution.

Product Specifications

DETECTION Ultraviolet & Watermark Lamps
POWER UV – 6 Watt, WM – 6 Watt
MAGNIFIER 10X zoomed view through the Magnifier multiples the Resolution
DIMENSION 11″ W / 7″ H / 8″ Depth
WEIGHT 2.5 Kgs
POWER SOURCE 190 – 240 Volts / 50 Hz

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