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Karat Analyzer GT Series

  • Karat Analyzer GT Series

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Technology :
Evaluating the purity of Gold and other metals by measuring the specific gravity of the sample, and distinguish the real precious metal form the fake material.

Ease :
Easy to use & operate. Hassle free measuring through inbuilt. Software for measuring.

Advantages :

  1. To Detect Fake Gold Jewellery.
  2. Precious Metal Karat Tester Evaluating the purity of GOLD in Percentage / Karat.
  3. No more stains and scratches left on your Gold after testing.
  4. Wide karat display from 9K to 24K and Percentages of purity.
  5. Other precious metals such as Platinum and silver can be tested by Optional mode.
  6. Can be used as a normal scale or Densimeter.

1. Buying Old Gold
2. Jewellery Showrooms
3. Bank & Financial Institution
4. Money Lenders

Product Features


  1. It gives purity measurement between 9 to 24 karat with increment of 1 karat. it also gives you result in % at the same time.
  2. User can select either copper or silver individually as mix material in GOLD for purity measurement.


  1. It gives purity measurement between 600 to 1000 pt with increment of 50pt. it also gives you result in % at the same time.
  2. User can select either palladium or Ruthenium or Cobalt individually as mix material in PLATINUM for purity measurement.


The karat Analyzers cannot test the samples accurately that are

  1. With holes or hollow in nature
  2. With any stones or diamond
  3. CMixed with metals which has very close density to gold and platinum

Product Specifications

Model CY 323GT CY 613GT CG 612GT CG 6102GT
Capacity 320 g 310 g 610 g 3100 g
Weighing Redability 0.001 g 0.001 g 0.01 g 0.01 g
Purity Karat Gold 9-24 Karat with increment of 1 karat / Platinium 600-1000 pt with increment of 50 pt, % and Density
Minimum Sample Weight 2 g 2 g 5 g 10 g
Weigh in Air 108 x 100 160 x 140
Weight in Water 100 x 92 160 x 140
Standard Air Yes NA NA
Display Bright LCD Display with LED backlite
Operating Temperature 10ºC to 30ºC
Dimension (W x D x H) 342 x 212 x 270 342 x 212 x 230
Power Supply AC Adapter 100V-240V +/- 20% 50-60Hz
Net Weight with Packing 8.0 kg 5.5 kg
Packing Dimension 500 x 380 x 510 500 x 380 x 230

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