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JB-210 Currency Banding Machine

  • JB-210 Currency Banding Machine

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JB – 210 is designed to band currency bundle in various sectors of Nepalese business firm such as banks, financial institutions, credit unions, vending operators, casinos and NGO/INGO etc. It is reliable and as well as compact machine.

Product Features

1、Both Chinese and English can be switched to display
2、Instant heat ,No warm-boot, open then can direct use
3、Tape can be mobilized with elastic binding
4、The number of real-time display
5、Check without paper function, eliminate paper jams caused by the phenomenon of repeated feed
6、Automatic fault detection and display
7、On the clear up-case, tape usage at a glance

Product Specifications

Binding adjustment range of the center of the tape: 10-83 mm
Use tape: The factory produced the W20-160 tape
Binding speed: one times<2 seconds
Use power: 110-220VAC/50-60Hz
Consumption: ax 50w,standby 10w
Weight: 6.5kg
Size: 27cm×22m×22.5cm

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