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Infrared Moisture Analyzer Balance (YJ 5120 – 5 Ltr. – Ultrasonic Cleaner)

  • Infrared Moisture Analyzer Balance (YJ 5120 – 5 Ltr. – Ultrasonic Cleaner)

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YJ 5120 – 5 Ltr. – Ultrasonic Cleaner solutions offered are designed and developed using precision construction standards and feature use of bigger tank with special basket for matching up with the demands of cleaning processes in a fast paced industrial cleaning environment. For durable process support, these are made available with M.S. powder coated housing as well as digital led display so as to ensure smooth working support. With these precision functionality based ultrasonic cleaners providing desired support for easily handling difficult to clean objects, these are also made available with tanks constructed using stainless steel of 304 grade, option of water spout for drainage, provision provided for heater & timer function as well as presence of strong transducer for delivering years of consistent operations. We make the model YJ 5120-1 available in 5ltr capacity with ultrasonic power (w) of 120w, heat power of 75w, adj. power (%) of 20-80, working temp. range (°c) of 1 -60, frequency (khz) of 40 khz and tank size (mm) of 240x 140x 150.

Product Features

  1. Bigger tank with Special basket for cleaning.
  2. M.S. powder coating Housing available for rugged conditions.
  3. Digital LED display for smooth working.
  4. Ideal for any kind of difficult cleaning objects.
  5. Heater & Timer Function available.
  6. Water spout for drainage.
  7. Strong transducer for years of operations.
  8. S.S. 304 inside Cleaning Tank for all Models.

Product Specifications

MODEL YJ 5120-1
Volume (Ltr.) 5Ltr.
Voltage 220V/50Hz- 110V/60Hz
Ultrasonic Power (W) 120W
Heat Power 75W
Adj. Power (%) 20-80
Temp. Range (°C) 1 -60
Frequency (KHz) 40 Khz
Tank Size (mm) 240x 140x 150
Unit Size (mm) 350 x 250 x 230
G.W. 5.5 – 6kg
Indication LED Digital Indication

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