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Body Mass Scale (PBMI Series)

  • Body Mass Scale (PBMI Series)

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Product Features

  1. Automatically measures weight, height and body mass index accurately and rapidly
  2. Display weight, height and Body Mass Index.
  3. It also display, simultaniously, how much over / under weight you are.

Product Specifications

  1. Self weight : 28kg(approximately)
  2. Self height: 250 cm
  3. Weighing Capacity : 200g
  4. Weighing Capacity : 100g
  5. Height Range : 50 to 200cm
  6. Height Accuracy : 0.5cm
  7. Platform Size : 360 X 300 mm.
Model Specification
PBMI-200 Basic Models
PBMI-200 C Coin selector with audio output
PBMI-200 P With Thermal printer
PBMI-200 CP Thermal printer, coin selector and audio output
PBMI-200 CPAC Thermal printer with auto-cutter, coin selector and audio output



  1. Thermal Printer can print date, time, weight, height, BMI and amount of overweight/underweight.
  2. Coin selector to operate the scale only on insertion of coin.
  3. Voice (Audio) output.
  4. RFID Card reader.
  5. GSM Interface for SMS sending.

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