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Truscan Neo FX

  • Truscan Neo FX
  • Truscan Neo FX
  • Truscan Neo FX
  • Truscan Neo FX

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Maxsell Truscan Neo FX detects Forex such as Euro, USD, GBP, HKD, AED, SGD, AUD, BZR, etc. Configure upto 6 currencies and inspect your Forex currency bills in no time. Accurate detection with reports and connectivity to Printer makes it indispensable at counters where foreign currency are accepted. With growing circulation of Forex and due to its sophistication in currency, it becomes difficult to validate foreign currency. Truscan Neo FX can be of excellent support for Cashiers handling Forex on routine.

Increase your confidence to deal with Forex currency. Sell more merchandise by accepting foreign bills and popularize your business among foreign tourists and tourist centres all around Nepal.

Product Features

  • Recognize currency and denomination automatically, no need to be manual selected.
  • Detecting ability is improved a lot than our previous generation detector, add the paper quality is detected when detecting EURO.
  • Most of currencies can be tested at any sides, such as EURO, GBP, PLZ, SEK, TRL, NOK, DKK, ZAR, etc.
  • Low power consumption. Power consumption accord with New European standard: EUP.
  • The size is very small and the passing noise is very lower.
  • Top cover can be opened and easy to clean sensors.
  • Software can be Upgraded by USB interface.
  • Special hardware and software technology is adopted on sensors and it is easy to maintenance, make detector more reliable and long lifetime.
  • USB cable is optional.
  • With battery cover, it’s easy to replace the battery.

Product Specifications

SPEED 0.5 second/sheet
DIRECTION Insert Any Direction or Orientation
DISPLAY LED (Optional – LCD)
BATTERY CAPACITY Rechargeable lithium battery 10.8 V /600 mAh
INTERFACE USB Upgrade slot via PC
POWER SUPPLY AC 100~240 V 50/60 Hz or DC 12 V/1 A or battery (optional)
DIMENSION 155(L) x 137(W) x 82(H)mm

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