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TC – 5500M (Compact & Heavy Duty Bundle Note Counting machine)

  • TC – 5500M (Compact & Heavy Duty Bundle Note Counting machine)
  • TC – 5500M (Compact & Heavy Duty Bundle Note Counting machine)

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Featuring the small size and light weight,TC-5500M is not only space-efficient but also freight-saving.

Product Features

  • Check Mode : Verifies a Known Quantity(100pcs) in a Bundle
  • Free Mode : Free Counting
  • Preset Mode : Counting for Batched Number
  • Manual Mode : Start Counting by Manual
  • ACC Mode : Several Counts can be Totaled and Displayed
  • UV-Detection(Optional) : Detecting & Sorting Out the Counterfeit Banknote

Product Specifications

(W x D x H)
 TC-5500M  285x285x340(mm)
TC-5500MS   285x285x925(mm)
Weight  TC-5500M  20 (KG)
TC-5500MS  30 (KG)
Banknote Size
 Width     45-100 mm
Length    100-240 mm
Thickness  0.05-0.2 mm
Counting Speed  1600, 2000, 2400 pcs/min
 Also available in 5 variable speed
Holder/Hopper Capacity  Approx 200 notes
Power Supply  220V, 50Hz, 1 phase
Power Consumption  330 W
Start method  Auto Start
Type of Notes  Stapled/ Loose but bundled
Display  Color LCD
Count/Batch- 3Digits
ADD- 5 Digits
Counting Mode  Free, Manual, Check, Batch, ADD, Continuous,   Count
Counting Method  Vacuum Suction Feed Type / Bundle Note   Counting
Optional Device  UV Detection/OK Stamp/LCD External Display
Other Features  Trigger button type reset mode, Induction type   spindle motor, Reversible hopper motor with
gear speed reduction, Oil less vane type pump,
Air filter  system for automatic dust cleaning
Self Test  Vacuum Pressure test, Rotar test, Display test,   Simulated counting test, Cooling fan test,
Counting stop lever test
Warranty  2 year warranty & 2 years Free Service

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