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Loose Note Money Counters (1 Pocket)

MX50i Turbo – Front Loader

MX50i Turbo – Front Loader

  • NEW 2000, 500 Currency Ready – Continuous Performance
  • Value Count, Pre-2005 Compliant, Denom Sort
  • UV, I-Scan, IR, MG, MT, 3D Technology
  • On Screen Report
  • USB for Future Upgrade
MX50 Smart+

MX50 Smart+

Maxsell MX50 Smart+ is Economical Note counting machine with Counterfeit detection. The machine has an excellent counting platform designed to count all types of currency with ease. Be it old, new, deformed, soiled or circulated currency, Maxsell MX50 Smart+ is the right choice for customers who look for Economical counting solutions including reliable counterfeit detection. The counterfeit detection is based on UV & MG sensor detections which can detect most Nepali fake notes in Rs. 1000 & Rs. 500 denominations, besides simple fake notes in other denominations as well.

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