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To provide superlative queuing solution to manage public in an area of varied space length, Q-Manager® Retractable Belt Posts or Belt Stanchions are ideal. We offer a multitude of systematizing techniques by implementing world-class multi-functional Retractable Belt Posts. With Q-Manager®, a full range of high quality Retractable Belt Barriers are available for ease in business operations more
Q-Manager® Classic Chain Posts are the traditional queue managing equipment With Stainless Steel finish, Classic Chain Posts offer a durable option of Queue Manager. These Chain Posts in Stainless Steel are not only stylish but also get with the advanced crowd control system in any surroundings. The combination of sturdy material and elegant more
Q-Manager® Classic Posts with Velvet Ropes are the apt queue managing solution. Suitable for splendid interiors, these Posts impart an influential look to the decor. Our Rope Barriers are perfect for use in public areas to control pedestrian movement in varied surroundings such as banks, hotels, amusement venues, museums, galleries, etc. more
Q-Manager® Wall Clips are suitable placing accessory useful for counters, walls or any other place. These light weight clips are sturdy and can be easily fitted. This accessory is convenient and easy to install without any complications. Wall mounting unit is a permanent solution to cordon off areas and to restrict more
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