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Maxsell Truscan Neo FX detects Forex such as Euro, USD, GBP, HKD, AED, SGD, AUD, BZR, etc. Configure upto 6 currencies and inspect your Forex currency bills in no time. Accurate detection with reports and connectivity to Printer makes it indispensable at counters where foreign currency are accepted.Increase more
MaxsellTruscan Neo is the Award Winning Fake Currency Detector. Neo has it all - Design, Style, Compact, Functional. Indian rupees are very challenging when it comes to detecting fake note. The difference between genuine and fake is too little to figure out. Truscan Neo makes it easy for more
MaxsellTruscani is an automatic detector for Forex such as Euro, USD, GBP, HKD, AED, SGD, AUD, BZR, etc. With automatic detection of Euro and USD, the third national currency can be easily selected by the user to detect nearly 8 foreign currencies. AS per the customer requirement we more
It is a magnifier glass which multiples the resolution of UV  and also a magnifier to zoom for easy and quick identification & Watermark to identify any critical instrument also.It detects most of the legal instruments including currency - Passport, Cheque, Credit Card & other instruments.Reflectors for increasing more
Helpline Number:977-4475137 / 4493132
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